Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Simple Patchwork quilt

In over 30 years of quilting, I've never made a quilt simply of squares. Until now. You may remember this one, started early this Summer.

I enjoyed picking each and every fabric in colors of aqua, coral, gray and yellow. I love how this simple design really lets the fabrics sing!

The quilting design is "Flower Power" from Angela's book. It was super fun and easy.

Because I didn't count squares when I was cutting, there were tons left over that became much of the backing.

I used all my favorite bicycle prints and it makes me feel like hanging on to Summer just a little bit longer...  Cindy


  1. Beautiful Colors/Awesome prints, Cindy! Just squares can be so satisfying.

  2. Lovely! Simple patchwork squares are my favorite.

  3. a true patchwork quilt. love it. and the colors are sensational. thank you for sharing!

  4. absolutely love it Cindy! thanks for sharing!
    (& I love your blog, btw!)

  5. What size are the squares?

  6. what fabrics did you use?


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