Monday, September 17, 2012

Chevron - Part 1

Here's my version of a chevron quilt! You'll find the instructions in 3 parts:
Part 1: Fabric requirements and cutting
Part 2: Making the rows
Part 3: Assembling the quilt
Part 4: Wrap-up and making a larger quilt
If you have any questions leave them in the comments. I'll try to answer them there for all to see!

Baby Chevron Quilt
finished size 39" x 45 1/2"
Choose 12 coordinating prints and a border fabric.

Fabric Requirements:
(I've given you the exact measurement needed in case you want to work from a stash)
   Fabrics 1 and 12 (first and last fabrics): 9" or 3/8 yard
   Fabrics 2 through 11: 5" or 1/4 yard
   30" or 1 yard
   10"-12 1/2" (depending on the width of your fabric) or 1/2 yard
 1/2 yard

Tip: Before cutting strips, be sure to straighten the edge of your fabric and make sure it is cut perpendicular to the fold. An easy way to do this is to use 2 rulers. Place the horizontal line of one ruler along the fold. Butt the second ruler up to the edge of the first. Remove the first ruler and trim. Now your edge is perfectly perpendicular to the fold!

Cut strips the width of the fabric.
From each of fabrics one and twelve, cut 2 strips 4 1/2".
From each of fabrics two through eleven, cut 2 strips 2 1/2".
From the solid white, cut 29 strips 1".
From the border fabric, cut 4 strips 2 1/2".
From the binding fabric, cut 5 strips 2 1/2".

Next up ~ sewing!


  1. Love this color combo!! So pretty, Cindy :)

  2. Thanks for posting this Cindy! Love how this turned out and would love to make one of my own!

  3. What a gorgeous quilt. Thanks for the instructions. This has been added to my list of quilts I plan to make.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to create this tutorial. CUTE quilt!

  5. I have every book you've written and just paging through them makes me want to sew until I fall over. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  6. Could this be made using jelly roll pre-cuts?

  7. I am planning on making this a twin sized quilt. I am wondering how to determine how many strips I should cut from each color? The pattern says "from each of the fabrics one and twelve; cut 2 strips 4 1/2". Do you think I should then cut 4 of those strips ? Any help would be appreciated !!


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