Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chevron - Part 3

Baby Chevron - Part 3
Assembling the Quilt

Trim the top of each of your chevron strips 1/4" from the point formed by the solid white, squaring it with the sides.

Trim the bottom of your chevron strips even with the lower point of the solid white strip, squaring it with the sides.

Measure along the center seam of one of your strips. Mine was 40 5/8".

Trim 5 solid white strips to that length. It's important that you trim them all the same size. This will square up the quilt and stabilize the bias edges. 

Rather than measuring the strips, I like to press, place the strips in a pile and lay them down the center seam. I then trim them all at the same time even with the chevron strip.

(If your white strips are not long enough, due to the width of your fabric, you may need to piece them together to get the proper length)

Pin and sew the white strips between each of the chevron strips and on each side. You may need to ease a bit to get them to fit perfectly. This is where your bias edge will come in handy because it will ease or stretch to fit the white strips exactly.

Tip: If one side is longer than the other, place the longer edge on the bottom or touching the feed dogs when sewing. That will help ease in the extra.

When you sew the strips together with the white strip in between them, the chevron seams will not line up. This is because of the 1/2" strip between them. In fact, you'll notice that the seam line will fall right in the middle of the white strip of the other row. (This will make more sense when you do it!)

Trim 2 white strips for the top and bottom borders. Sew and press.

Finally add the print outer borders. Trim 2 borders for the sides; sew and press. Trim 2 borders for the top and bottom; sew and press. If the width of your fabric is not quite long enough for the side borders, you should have enough extra fabric to add to the length.

Layer, quilt and bind! I chose to do simple straight line quilting on each side of the solid white seams.

Tomorrow I'll have some tips on making the quilt bigger and variations for the chevrons.
Comment or email me if you have any questions! . . . Cindy

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