Monday, March 25, 2013

Quilt blocks and winners!

 The randomly selected winners of Casey's new patterns are Jennifer Powell and Ann Seely. Congratulations! Please email me and let me know which pattern you'd like  - Onward or Sakura.

For those of you who use Google Reader and are switching to Bloglovin' (as I have), I've added the "follow" button on the right. And if you aren't using a reader to keep up with your blog readin', now my be the perfect chance to get started. Click on the link, create an account and continue to add your favorite blogs.

I have my March Bee block to share with you. As I mentioned, Toni and her husband chose several Blue Note album covers for us to use as a design for our blocks. The idea was to keep it modern and close to the original art. Such a great idea! Here's my result...

For my birthday in December, I got a gift certificate to one of my favorite online fabric stores from my girlfriends (love you girls!). I fell in love with Tsuru and snatched some up as soon as it came out. I bravely cut into it today and started a new project!

Since a few of you sounded interested in a sewing room tour, I started snapping some photos. I should have it all up this week. Stay tuned!

And I'm longing for this after a foot of snow this weekend! . . . Cindy


  1. Cindy, I like the looks of your Tsuru block. Yes, I'm ready for the hot days of summer too after our little snow.

  2. Okay one more comment/ you piece on one machine and quilt on the other?


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