Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sewing Room Tour - part 2...

Thank you for all your comments and sewing space love yesterday! Today I thought I'd share a few of the details and storage solutions I've come up with.

As I mentioned yesterday, I do work better when things are fairly neat and tidy. The down side to putting things away is not being able to find them when you need them! I found this drawer handle at Anthropologie and had to have it to remind me to think carefully when I put something away!

I organized my space with a few things in mind ~ keep my work surfaces clean, store items close to where they will be used, and make supplies easy to find (meaning don't let drawers and bins get too full and cluttered). I also wanted to keep my space pleasant looking ~ a happy place to be.

Here are some of my storage solutions:

I've decided not to keep a lot of scraps. I used to have a big scrap drawer that was so full I was stressed just opening it. These 4 small bins from Target hold scraps of only my very favorite fabrics. When one starts overflowing, I clean it out and drop a bag of scraps on the freebie table at guild.

Current piecing projects. I used to keep these in bins on my cutting table, but in my effort to keep the table clear, they now live in the drawers of my sewing cabinet. I wondered if putting projects out of sight would also put them out of mind, but remember my dry erase board with current projects? It keeps me on task!

These clear jars (also from Target) sit on top of my white cabinets and hold pearl cotton, twine and ribbons. I started collecting AMH and Amy Butler ribbons in 1-2 yard pieces. I found this idea on Pinterest - they're wrapped around popsicle sticks!

This is one of my favorite things! I have 3 clipboards (one more on the other side of the room). Two have patterns that I plan on using soon. The third has reference sheets that I refer to frequently - how to make a pillow case, paper piecing instructions, cutting bias binding and my fibonacci number chart. These cute boards are from See Jane Work.

My thread is stored in the sewing cabinet drawers of the larger machine where I do machine quilting. A few spools of beige and gray are stored in the drawer of the smaller machine where I piece.

This bin holds my binding fabric. I try to keep it safe so I don't cut into it for another project!

 Fabric is folded and stored by color in bins (yes, Target) using Jeni's folding and sorting method. I've found it easier to get to than stacking fabric.

Little things need little drawers. This inexpensive unit from Ikea holds needle, glue sticks, snaps, zippers and more.

You may have noticed this drawstring bag hanging next to the cutting table. It holds the binder clips I use to secure my backings to the table when pin basting - right at hand!

This cup holder is next to my machine and keeps small rulers, pencils and cutters handy. On my sewing surface I keep thread clippers, a pin cushion and recently I've decided to keep my seam ripper right at hand.

 I also try to keep some decorative and pretty things visible. A bowl of floss...

and some quilts on the wall. My Joseph's Coat and my favorite light fixture from Ikea...

My color wheel (I'm surprised by how much I refer to it!)...

It's nice to have a space that's all your own, whether it's a big room or a little corner. As Nate Berkus would say - it should rise up to greet you. I keep a few personal items that make me smile. Like this #1 sheep, given to me by my teenage son because I'm "the number one mom". He makes me laugh every time I look at him!

Thanks for visiting!!! . . . Cindy


  1. love your room. thanks for sharing!

  2. A pretty, cheerful, well-organized space. It's got to be a pleasure to sew there! Thanks for showing us; I'm nosy about about other quilter's studios.

  3. I love the clipboard idea. I'm gonna have to copy you:)

  4. I love your light!!! I have been searching for a "girly" yet bright light to put in my sewing room and I love the one you've found. Do you find it bright enough or do you have other lights? I wish my sewing room was half as neat as yours. I think I need to ground myself and clean it up one of these days. Happy Sewing! -Rebecca

  5. We are totally on the same page when it comes to organization. If my sewing space is cluttered, my ability to think clearly is cluttered as well! My heart and mind are at peace when my space is tidy. Love that sweet buttery yellow color in your room! Bring on the sunshine.

  6. Cindy, I absolutely LOVE seeing your room. Thank you for sharing. Would love to know what pattern you used for your color wheel. I have been looking for a good color wheel and that would be great. Is it by any chance one of your design?

  7. Thank you for sharing. It's all wonderful -- especially all the thread!

  8. You are so neat and organized! Amazing! Thank you for sharing your organization.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  9. I love jeni's folding method. Use it all the time. N


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