Monday, March 24, 2014

Making a Kaleidoscope

Thank you for all the love for my Kaleidoscope quilt! It's always been a favorite design!

Several of you have commented or emailed me about the pattern. I made a Kaleidoscope quilt years ago and just pulled out the ruler I had to make my Lattie Da version.

The ruler can be found here. I have pretty sketchy notes, but it looks like I cut my strips 6 3/4". Then I used the wedge ruler and cut my wedges flipping the ruler up and down along the strip. You need 8 wedges for each block. For the corners, I cut 5" squares and cut them once diagonally. These are oversized and trimmed after sewing to the block. I was aiming for a 12" finished block. It turned out 11 3/8" square. You can adjust the size by adjusting the width of your strips. Just remember to adjust the size of the corner triangles up or down also.

There are lots of variations of the design depending on how you color and rotate your blocks. I found tons of examples on Pinterest and Flickr for ideas.

Hope that little bit helps you make your own!!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your technique! I think there will be a lot of Kaleidoscope quilts in the works in the next few weeks!

  2. Thanks for sharing ur methods!!

  3. Your quilt inspired me to make one of my own and in my research I found a downloadable pattern for 50c on the fat quarter shop site. It is very similar to yours but is is 5"wedges and 3 3/4 " squares. The layout is different to yours but the method the same and helps work out how much fabric one needs.(sorry if im hijacking your post) This is the link


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