Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Liberty of London Quilt

I can't remember how long I've been a fan of Liberty of London fabric. I guess just about as long as I've loved fabric, which is a long time!

When Liberty of London contacted me to design a simple quilt using their fabric, I was beyond thrilled! Do you find it fascinating to stare at all the little details of a fabric as I do? If so, the Liberty fabric is so full of gorgeous detail you'll find yourself lost in the beauty of it as you sew.

So here is the quilt I designed for them. Simple, clean and fresh.

You'll find more pictures and full instructions at the Liberty Craft Blog. And be sure to visit the Liberty Fabric Store to see all the Liberty products and Haberdashery {I feel so British using that term!}


  1. I really love this style. I like clean lines and not to much chaos on a quilt. I'm new to quilting so I haven't worked with Liberty fabric yet. I don't understand why it's so pricey though? I'm sure it's just my ignorance showing here (newbie). Lol. Is it the quality that's really good?

  2. I wish they'd contact me ! Love the quilt!

  3. Cindy, Congratulations on being asked by L of L to design a quilt for their amazing fabric. I love your design and feel it really shows off that fabric. Next time I think I would ask to deliver the pattern in person. I think we should use the word Haberdashery more often. Have a great Wednesday!


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