Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tucker Prairie quilt update and more...

Thanks for all the love for my Tucker Prairie quilt! Many of you are planning on making it and looking for the pattern. And good news - it's pretty quick and easy.

As I mentioned the pattern was from the free patterns on Moda's website. You can see the original quilt and the line it was made from here.

**UPDATE** One of my followers found the pattern!! Here's the link:


You can see another pretty version of the pattern made by my friend, Cindy, here.

In other news...
Have you cut up your Kona Color Card? I know many have and rave about how easy it makes creating color combinations and matching solids. I've been so afraid to take scissors to mine, but finally did it! I'm using velcro to arrange them on a poster board to keep them tidy. I'm probably about halfway there!

I'd like to do some sewing from the stash and went through some favorite patterns that I've collected. My idea is to use the Kona color swatches to plan a color scheme and then pull from the stash coordinating fabrics.

In other news I'm slowly working on my Shimmer blocks...

And getting ready to quilt the Ikat quilt...

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi! The pattern can still be downloaded from Moda, the link is:

  2. Oops hit send before I had finished :)

    I love the fabrics you have done your version in, looks like a completely different quilt! Loooove your ikat quilt, the colors are divine!!

  3. Thanks for the update! Your Ikat quilt is going to be fabulous! I look forward to seeing how you go about quilting it!

  4. Your quilt is lovely! And that fabric line is beautiful, so many great blenders/basics in it. No, I haven't cut up my Kona color card, but I can see how it would be much more useful.


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