Monday, February 29, 2016

Two finished quilts!

I finished up my Outlined Plus quilt and was finally able to photograph it this weekend. You've heard enough about it, I'm guessing, so here's the final summary...

Oh, I should say I love the final quilt!

The quilting turned out great! I did a big "X" at a 45 degree angle to the blocks, then echoed straight lies spacing them one inch apart in each quadrant.

The backing is one of my favorite pieces from Fleet and Flourish and as I trimmed up the finished quilt, I had an unexpected idea to use this light fabric for the binding. I seldom (maybe never?) use light bindings, so I posted a picture on Instagram and the vote for the light binding was overwhelming. I think it looks great!

The Outlined Plus pattern is available here.

The second quilt I finished this month is this Six-Pointed Star using primarily Paperie, a new line by Amy Sinibaldi for Art Gallery. The colors are so soft and pretty. I decided to pair it with a light gray fabric, Cirrus Solid from Cloud 9, which is similar to a shot cotton {the threads in the weave are two different shades}. I found this at Joann's! And might have come home with yards of a few additional Cirrus Solid colors. I love the texture and the fabric is nice and soft.

The quilting is a combo of swirls and feathers.

My 6-pointed stars were pieced with no Y-seams using the method show here by Rachel at Stitched In Color.

It was super easy to piece although in my quilt the fabrics had to match in adjoining blocks, so I had to lay it out as I sewed. I added some extra royal/navy blues as there was only one in the small collection. Once I finished the quilt, I wondered if they may be too dark and jump out too much. I go back and forth as to whether I'd like it more with or without the darker stars. But it's too late now...

And I'm pretty happy with it!


  1. You are right to be happy with these quilts; I sure would be! I clicked over to read the tutorial for the 6 pointed star - wow, much faster than the hand piecing method. I might have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I love it, Cindy, really nice!

  3. Both, so beautiful! I have yet to tackle triangles and must try that method!

  4. They are both really beautiful!

  5. Both finishes are beautiful, I love the choice of the lighter binding for the Outlined Plus quilt.

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  7. Beautiful finishes. I find the Cloud9 Cirrus solids to be really soft and have a fantastic drape. How awesome that they can be found at Joann's now!

  8. Such great projects! Love the light binding on the top one. Well done!

  9. I like the dark stars, they remind me of the night sky.

  10. Fantastic finishes, Cindy. I'll need to check out the Cloud 9 Cirrus solids at JoAnn's. Thanks for the tip.


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