Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I Heart B&C Sampler

Over a year ago I participated in an Instagram Bee called "I Heart B&C" {Bonnie & Camille}. It was a talented group and each month we made 2 sampler blocks for 2 different members of the group. Which meant each month 2 beautiful blocks arrived in my mailbox. Yay for happy mail!

I added a few additional blocks and now have a super cute 20 block Sampler Quilt...

It took a while to decide how I wanted to set the blocks together. Some of them seemed to want to float {like that adorable Strawberry block} and others seemed to need a frame. After thinking and thinking, I came up with the idea to frame half the blocks in a solid aqua and half in the white background fabric. Then I alternated the two.

The back is a wide back check from Vintage Picnic, then bound with a diagonal stripe. 

I played with different quilting designs on each block. It was really good practice for both coming up with and idea and executing it. Some worked better than others :) This Dresden was a favorite...

We took advantage of this beautiful Fall day to photograph the quilt at one of our favorite locations ~ The Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 21 mile walking/running/biking trail here in Greenville. This stop has a fantastic grocery with local products and a great cafe.

Biking is big in Greenville as is art on buildings {as is food!} and this is the side of the bike rental building. The rabbit's going very fast!...

But the tortoise has a spare!

It's a great stop if you're local! You can spot it by the giant bike on the roof!


  1. This quilt is stunning! I have seen many quilts with different blocks but nothing I have seen compares with this one. It just hit me and I'm not sure why. It's prettier than any Bonnie and Camille quilt. Maybe because it's not crowded. I don't know but this is a beautiful quilt! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Your quilt truly makes a statement, especially against that unique backdrop. I'm impressed that you (and all the other participants) kept up with the block exchange! That would have been my challenge! This was a very pretty line of fabrics. XO~karen

  3. Your quilt is jus amazing and absolutely love the way you placed the sashing on some and what a great finish. This is one of the best and agree that it makes it feel open and not it! Thanks for sharing it

  4. Another stunning quilt you have designed. It is always amazing how you can come up with such a cohesive look when you have no control over the blocks that you received. Excellent choice of sashing some and not all. Beautiful. Thanks for your "Happy Mail" in my mailbox in case you didn't see my post re: same. They are perfect, as usual. Not getting much happy mail from the drive, but it's still early, so maybe more will be coming soon. However, I've received lots from local friends.

    Loved the bicycle shop art and information about Greenville. Thanks much.

  5. I adore the alternating block setting, the quilting and the striped binding! Super cool, friend.

  6. I do love the aqua and white combo you have used. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the sampler quilt. Love the colors and just everything
    Thanks for sharing your little piece of the planet. I am in Northern Virginia.
    East Coast is where the cool people live haha


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