Thursday, January 19, 2017

Another Plus Quilt Variation

I love a Plus quilt! I've had this drawn up in my sketch book for some time and finally got around to making it! After seeing a quilt using chambray for the background on Instagram - this design seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it.

 You can see the chambray dot better here. It's very soft - I was worried it might be too heavy, like a denim. It isn't at all. It's the weight of quilting cotton and very soft after washing. It's a bit stretchy. I'd be careful with shapes that have bias edges. My biggest problem was raveling. Not so much that the seams unraveled, but enough to create little navy threads EVERYWHERE! It made me want to get it quilted up quick to stop the mess :)

The pattern is so simple - a 6" Plus Block alternating with a 6" Nine Patch. The idea came from my Irish Chainish Quilt, replacing the single square with the Plus Block. Like that quilt, it does all need to be laid out to match up the Nine Patch print squares with the adjoining block.

It's quilted with straight lines and a free motion design in each Plus...

The backing is a Denyse Schmidt geometric print that I got on sale and seemed to compliment the front really well.

I ended up using the same fabric on the bias for a nice geometric binding...

We had such a beautiful day to photograph this yesterday and even though this picture has some harsh sun shining on the quilt, I couldn't resist using all the greenery as the perfect backdrop for the colors.

And a couple of fun things I found yesterday in downtown Spartanburg...
{In addition to some yummy crepes!}

Thank you all for the compliments on my Pineapple Quilt! I not sure how, but I've lost all my notes on that block and quilt. So... give me a little time and I will post a tutorial of the block and a layout of the quilt. I've searched online and can't find a tutorial using my method of piecing it. It's a bit different, so a good one to share!


  1. So pretty, and I do love that it has blues and greens. That giant downtown light bulb is too funny :)

  2. Congratulations on your finish, it is beautiful,. Love all the blues and greens.

  3. Even though the two block design of this quilt sounds simple, the pattern is surprisingly complex. It certainly doesn't jump out as "plus and nine patch" at all! It really has so much depth.

    Your fabrics and colors are so beautiful. Thanks for the heads up on using chambray. I occasionally see it for sale and always wonder if it could be used in a quilt.

  4. The chambray dot compliments the greens and blues beautifully. I like the alternating cross/nine patch composition as it results in a lovely pattern. Another winner, my friend!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!! The combinations of fabrics are just perfection. :)

  6. I love the colors too!! and the pattern laid out with them.
    Your creativity is always inspiring.
    I love the cool city art. Those things make life happy

  7. Love your quilt! It is now on my to do list, thanks!

  8. I love your quilt!! Just beautiful ❤️ I think that pattern is going on my to-do list!

  9. It's lovely Cindy!! I'm really loving the colours and the chambray, and am wondering if I can squeeze in this pattern between some of my other projects - did you piece and quilt this in the past couple of weeks?? Amazing as always - thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. I've been somewhat obsessed with this quilt since I saw it on IG! I'm 90% committed to making one of my own, and although it's the chambray background that initially reeled me in, I think I'll use some Kona Snow so I can use deeper blues in the plus blocks and nine-patches. It's going to be a great way to blow through both yardage and scraps. I can't wait!

    BTW: any thanks for all the inspiration on IG and here on your blog. Your posts always get me plotting and planning. I appreciate the time you take to share these quilty adventures with the rest of us!

  11. Oh, my goodness, it's beautiful! I love your color choices! I wish I could accomplish as much as you do.

  12. My favorite part of this quilt is that it looks like an on-point design, but isn't. Just squares but put together so cleverly. Great job!


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