Sunday, March 18, 2018

Modern Plus Sign Quilts Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Modern Plus Sign Quilts Blog Hop. This new book is authored by my friends, Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs and Paige Alexander of Quilted Blooms. I met both of these talented quilters through our Greenville Modern Quilt Guild and feel lucky to know them both in person!

No surprise to me, their book is wonderful - filled with graphic modern patterns using the classic Plus Sign Block.

You would think that all the quilts must look fairly similar using the same simple block in each one. But you would be wrong! I'm so impressed with the variety of designs they created using this block. I love that the book features several different techniques from paper piecing to appliqué to simple patchwork.

My project from the book is "Faceted Rings" and I used my go-to freezer paper piecing technique to make it. Here's the quilt from the book:

Photo courtesy of C&T Publishing
I thought the block would make a cute pillow, so that's what I started with. I decided to use a single fabric for the ring (you'll notice that Cheryl used 2 shades in the ring above).

The pillow is made with all linen fabrics - I wanted to see its it would work or just fray apart...

And good news! It did work and I loved the way it turned out. I fused interfacing on the wrong side of the block after piecing, did no quilting and made a super cute pillow for our daybed.

The pillow was easy to construct, so I decided a wall quilt was in order. I love that the pattern gives rotary cutting instructions for all the pieces and the sizes are very generous. 

I used all straight line quilting on this one, echoing the rings...

And just connecting some dots on the block...

Black and white strips were pieced together for the backing...

I think I'll be making several of the quilts from this book. I love when that happens! In fact, I may have already started this one :)

Photo courtesy of C&T Publishing
Copies of the book are available at your favorite quilt shop, Amazon, or for signed copies, directly from Cheryl or Paige.

Be sure to visit their websites during the hop for some fabulous give-aways:
Meadow Mist Designs
Quilted Blooms

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  1. I do like the pattern as a pillow. I also like the plus sign using the two values which makes it look more 3 dimensional.

  2. The pillow looks great, and I am especially drawn to the quilting you did for the mini quilt. Both are lovely versions. As you say, there is so much variety in the book and I'm itching to start another project myself!

  3. Good news about success with the linen. Very clever to add interfacing and not quilt the pillow for a fast finish! Love your quilt...I'm always drawn to black and white and the plus looks fantastic with such high contrast. And like Yvonne said, beautiful quilting. Thank you, Cindy, for contributing to the hop!

  4. Love seeing your versions of the pattern - very nice!

  5. Your linen cushion is stunning, and that dark navy shows the design so well.

  6. You have shown the pattern to be wonderfully versatile. Love the cushion, I don’t usually paper piece and this would be a great design to practice giving me a lovely modern cushion. The wall hanging is great, love the movement you created in the quilting. Two lovely versions of the pattern.

  7. Such a great block, such a great book.

  8. Very nice! The pieced plus signs look great.

  9. Wow! You’ve showcased this pattern beautifully! I was already convinced that this book belongs oat the tippity top of my wish list, but now it has two stars next to it!

  10. Love your mini quilt - perfect fabric choices!

  11. Both are pretty amazing! I love this design and since it's paper piecing...I'm gonna have to try it out!

  12. Both wonderful projects. Tell me, what is the color of the blue solid in the wall quilt?

  13. These are both so lovely! I'm sure they are wonderful to use in your home.

  14. What lovely projects you made - they really showcase the wonderful design. I definitely want to make more from this book - but you are ahead of me because I am only thinking about it!

  15. I love that you did two projects. The wall quilt shows a secondary pattern that I didn't see in Cheryl's until after I saw it in yours. The quilting is great. Love your fabric choices.

  16. I love both the pillow and mini quilt! I think that I am going to have to follow your lead and make a blue faceted rings pillow, it looks great on your bed. Thanks so much for all of your friendship and support!!

  17. Your pillow & mini-quilt are wonderful - love your quilting! Thank you, Susan

  18. Both of these projects are great. Your fabric choices made two striking projects.

  19. Two lovely finishes. I'm enamored with your dot to dot quilting on the wall quilt. At first glance I thought it was an excellent use of a constellation fabric but you made a dotted fabric look like constellations. Really cool! Fantastic photo of the wall quilt. Finally, what is the binding fabric? It works perfectly here. Well done!

  20. Beautiful versions! I especially like your wall hanging as that is a particularly lovely shade of blue.

  21. Well done! Your wall hanging has a serene palette that I find enchanting. Can't wait to see the (gasp!) third project you do from this book. Keep us in the loop ...

  22. Love that pillow with the teal background! The quilt is super, too, and I hear you on the want/need to make several of the quilts in their book!

  23. That pillow is wonderful! Love the bold color choices. Your wall hanging is a perfect compliment!

  24. Great interpretation of the pattern! The pillow is absolutely elegant. The wall hanging is so pretty! Really nice finishes. :-)

  25. Both of your projects are great. Thanks for the inspiration. I love to see the details of your quilting, as a new quilter, as far as quilting my own projects, I learn from seeing the creativity of others.

  26. WOW !!! This is most stunning with those fabrics and layout. A winner.

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