Thursday, July 12, 2018


As I mentioned in my last post - I'm finishing up some quilts that have been sitting in my UFO pile. With this one done, I've got one more charity quilt to quilt and the pile will be zero. Yay!

Today I'm sharing another quilt from the book Modern Plus Sign Quilts, written by my friends, Cheryl and Paige. The quilt, named "Intertwined", is a classic, modern Plus quilt and I loved both how easy it was to make and how great it shows off some beautiful fabric.

The quilt as patterned is quite large. I reduced the size by cutting the border width in half and it still ended up pretty long. You can see my husband had a hard time holding it up high enough...

The color palette started with this print as inspiration. It's from Leah Duncan's new line for Cloud 9 called "No Place Like Home", inspired by my favorite movie Wizard of Oz.

I love the color palette, especially after ripping out 6 Plus Blocks that were that peachy-pink color from the print. The quilt was completely pieced before I changed my mind on the peachy-pink and resulted in 2 days of tearing out and resewing! Although once I was finished, I was so glad I took the time...

It may be hard to see the quilting - I used the Serpentine stitch, #4 on my Bernina, and adjusted the width to 3 and the length to 2.5.

The back is "Blue Birds Fly" from the Leah Duncan line.

For a binding, I chose Karen Lewis' Blueberry Park fabric and I love how the pattern changes on the binding.

The quilt was photographed at one of Greenville's newest outdoor murals on Stone Ave by artist, Annie Koelle...

The colors were a perfect backdrop for the colors in the quilt!


  1. So very pretty. Your color/fabric choices are perfect. I have fabrics cut for this same quilt, Intertwined. 'Hoping to begin it soon.

  2. What a perfect location to photograph the quilt. The final colors work very well together!

  3. Beautiful! Great backdrop, too. And to think - you only have one more charity quilt and your "to quilt pile" will be zero.

  4. Such a pretty post. Is this a charity quilt then?

  5. I love the colors of this quilt and the pattern. Excellent well done and beautiful
    The wall painting is beautiful, but I like the quilt better haha

  6. Gorgeous finish! I love how it looks with the mural. Very creative photo shoot :)

  7. Oh, my, I’m so inspired by this beautiful quilt,

  8. Two days of picking out and resewing!? That's what I love about you...going to great lengths to achieve the look you envision. The backdrop for photos is sheer perfection.

  9. Oh Cindy, this turned out fabulous! All the fabrics work so well together and perfect placement too! I can't tell you how many times I shuffled fabrics for a pleasing layout. It's as though you made the quilt to fit the wall! Stunning photography! Thanks for sharing your beautiful version!

  10. Oh - this quilt is so pretty - it just really struck me this morning how beautiful it is. (Yes, the background is goes so well with it. Or maybe your quilt just makes the background look better!) I love the fabric for the binding, it just really gives it that extra point of interest.


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