Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Camden Road QAL - Cutting

It's time to start cutting out your Camden Road Quilt! {if you haven't already}

You may remember that I'm doing a six-block kid's quilt. I really only need 3 fat quarters to make my 6 blocks, but I think a scrappier version with more fabrics will be more interesting.

Totally scrappy, using any and all colors, would turn out great! But I've limited my colors to navy, green and aqua. 

Here's how to cut the quilt from smaller pieces or multiple fabrics: Refer to the cutting instructions and cut 1 large square from one fabric and 1 large square plus 4 smaller squares from a second fabric for each block.

I like to organize my blocks in piles to get a nice visual of what my color combinations will look like and to make sure I have the right proportions of each color that I want.

So put in a new blade and get your Camden Road cut out this week!


  1. Thank you for the tip. I have sewn two blocks so far. Need to get to making two more for this week for the baby size quilt.

  2. I have cut one block per fabric so I am also slightly deviating from the pattern :) And for your small version I am very much liking the scrappy look. xo Melanie

  3. How fun! Love your scrappy fabric choices and excited to see your blocks come together.


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