Sunday, April 26, 2020

Iceland Ice ~ An Asterisk Quilt

Are you familiar with Brigitte Heitland from Zen Chic? She has a wonderful, modern, clean aesthetic that reminds me of Scandinavian design. She designs beautiful fabric for Moda and has many very cool patterns available.

A couple of years ago I purchased her book, Zen Chic Inspired. It's all about creating quilts that are inspired by interiors, both in color and design. It's a really interesting concept and fun to think about when you're  making a quilt to be used in a particular room in your house.

"Iceland Ice" is one of the patterns in the book and reminds me very much of the Asterisk block that was popular several years ago.

This "Iceland Ice" version caught my eye because it repeats the same fabrics in both the background and the Asterisk. 

My version uses shades of bright blue, blush pink, rusty gold, grays and white which were all inspired by the floral print from the Aviary Collection by Ruby Star Society (which is also on the back).

Once the top was finished, there is always the dilemma of how to quilt. I posed the problem on Instagram along with a photo of the top and 2 commenters suggested a spiral. A spiral was really the perfect solution, but I really had to think about turning this 60" x 72" quilt round and round and round....

My solution was to off-center the spiral. I started it 2 blocks from the top and 2 blocks from the left. This allowed me to reach the edges sooner. I spiraled around, spacing the lines a bit less that 1". By the time about 1/3 of the quilt was quilted, I had already reached 2 edges and quilted the echoing curved lines from edge to edge.

So happy with how it turned out!

A drive around an empty city provided this perfect dark gray wall to photograph the quilt. But I couldn't help snapping one in the beautiful sunshine!


  1. Your quilt looks fabulous. Love all of those gorgeous blues.

  2. I really like the clean lines and limited blue/gray/gold color palette.

  3. Spiral quilting was perfect for this beauty. I have only quilted one larger spiral quilt and did the same thing by starting off center. Now I'm doing 18" spirals for a QAYG project. It's much easier to do the spiral when they are of a manageable size.

  4. Starting the spiral off-center was a great solution. Undertaking spiral quilting is always daunting; I'm about to tackle a 72" square quilt and I plan to start in the center. We'll see how it goes! I like the bright pop of orange against the cooler colors of the quilt.

  5. Very striking Cindy. How did you decide to just use the gold color once.

    1. I pulled the gold from the inspiration floral and used it once because that was all I had! The gold is repeated in other fabrics that aren't quite as bold. Hope you're doing well!

  6. Beautiful quilt! Love the colors and your inspiration fabric. And also that pop of gold with it. Enjoy your finish :) xo Melanie


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