Thursday, June 6, 2013

Steam Punk Quilt and some updates!

So June is turning out to be a crazy, fun, busy month. Both my kids are in the process of moving this month. My son is off to a great new job in Toledo, Ohio. Can any of you Buckeyes recommend some quilt shops to see when we go and visit?

And we're enjoying hanging with this guy and his 2 sisters for the next few weeks until their new house in the DC area is ready.

My husband asked me a few weeks ago if I knew what Steampunk was. My answer was - yes, it's the name of the quilt I'm working on. "No" - he says. It's a genre, culture, style. I had no clue, so I started doing a little online research and found out the quilt pattern definitely fits the name!

My quilt is a bit less "Steampunky", but I finished the top this week and couldn't be happier with it!

I used a lot of my favorite "funky" fabrics, very few florals and a lot of geometric patterns. The sashing is Moda Bella Zen Gray and the setting triangles are a piece from "Washi", Rashida Coleman Hale's earlier line.

I thought of showing you some close-ups of my favorite blocks, but there are too many! Here are a few...

The pattern suggested a rogue block (using different fabrics for the blades and/or backgrounds). This is about as rogue as I get :)

Some Geekly Chic...

Some Glimma...

More Geekly Chic...

I also got my May Redbird Bee block completed. Linda chose this adorable appliqué design and gave us free reign as to the placement of the bird and leaves.

And finally, we Redbirds stick together. Last Friday night tornados ripped through the St Louis area. My friend and Bee buddy, Kyndra had some major damage to her home. Luckily she and her family were not injured, but her house is uninhabitable. She did save her sewing machine and fabric though! She blogs at Sewlio and has been working on her first pattern designs. She used my Sunburst pattern as inspiration for this quilt and took it in a whole new direction! I know she'd appreciate an encouraging comment from some fellow quilters!

And finally, if you've clicked over from your reader, you may have noticed that my header has disappeared. I'm not really sure why that happened, but I have Beth Bradford working on a whole new design for me! Stay tuned!!


  1. So beautiful. I love your steampunk!

  2. Oh my goodness! Close to Toledo, you must go to the Doormouse quilt shop. It is an experience! I drive up there (about 2 hours) about once a year.

  3. Love your Steam Punk - but then I love so much of what you do! If you are a bit west of Toledo in NW Indiana, you must go to Shipshewana- heart of Amish country. Visit Yoders General Store - huge fabric selection and the famed Lolly's downtown which has even more!

  4. Wow...your Steam Punk is amazing...beautifully thought out. Love your style...and I'm leaving this comment to see if I fit the SP bill...probably not...but what the hey!

  5. Your Steampunk is Gorgeous! I just purchased fabrics to start this quilt (to include the bee fabric) but now I'm re-thinking my colors. LOVE your version!

    I'm about two hours from Toledo and clicked comment to recommend two places -- and both have been recommended already. The Doormouse and Shipshewana -- both easy access from the turnpike. Although warning --I haven't been to the Doormouse in several years, but I have friends who wouldn't go to the Doormouse because their fabrics are stacked so deep. If you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, it's fun though. And who knows, they may have added more space by now. Shipshewana would be more fun for your family -- stuff for them to do while you fondle fabric.

  6. I absolutely agree with your assessment that you can't decide which is your favorite block. I had the same problem. There are so many that are really cool looking. I particularly like the one that has turquoise squiggly lines with yellow center. Your fabric selections are perfect for the name of this quilt. Will your children be closer than before or farther away? It will be fun to visit though in either state.



  8. Love your block and the quilt. Love the variety of colors in the quilt and the design. Great work!! The new grand baby is adorable. It is a busy time for you. Enjoy and thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  9. Love the new design, it's gorgeous!!!!! :)


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