Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hanging My New Quilt

This past Saturday, I was given this awesome wall quilt! It was made by the board members of Greenville MQG as a "thank you" for serving as president in 2017.

The quilt uses my Kisses Charity Quilt bock and you can find the free block measurements here.

I just love the setting that they used as it afforded a lot of space for our guild members to sign. It'll be a great memory of the fun year I had serving as President!

The pieced back is equally awesome looking. The quilting was done by Cheryl Brickey and it was bound by our rock-star binder, Paige Alexander.

I have to share with you a great method for hanging mini quilts. As I mentioned in my last post, we recently painted the sewing room and there were tons of little holes to fill since I have a tendency to change my wall quilt decor frequently. I had been using thumb tacks to hang them. I'm a huge fan of Command Strips and I thought maybe I could come up with a better solution using those.

And it's working really well! I'm using the picture hanging sets, which consist of 2 "rough side" velcro type pieces that snap together. I sewed a strip to each top corner of the quilt as pictured below. By stitching in the ditch of the binding on the front, there is no real visible stitching. I stuck the matching strip to the wall using the Command adhesive and just snapped the velcro type strips together. You'll see in the Sewing Room pictures that I have a bigger wall quilt hung the same way and it has held up great. 

Let me know if you give it a try!


  1. What a wonderful "thank you" gift from your guild. I like the idea of using the Command Strips for hanging the quilts too.

  2. Great idea with the Command strips! I use them all the time for other things, but never thought about stitching them to a quilt. Command also has a new product which like little clothes pins, so I thought I'd try that to hang quilts.

    Your gift is lovely! It will make a fine and memorable addition to your walls :)

    1. yes the clothes pins work great for the little quilts, but a big one? you will have to use the whole packagešŸ˜¬

  3. I love the "thank you" gift that your guild made for you! I bought a set of those command strips last week and was wondering how to make them work for a wall hanging. I'm glad that you tested it and gave it the thumbs up. I'll be hanging up some stuff in my sewing room this week!

  4. Oh, my goodness, Cindy, it’s gorgeous!

  5. I love this quilt. I love the fabrics. So sweet. well deserved

  6. Cindy, it was my honor to make a block and add the binding as the finishing touch! Thank you for your leadership to the guild! I bet your sewing room looks great!

  7. Thank you for being our awesome president for 2017!!

  8. This is Danice, from Homespun Hannah's Blog. What a beautiful gift. It's personalized and everything. A wonderful showing of appreciation.


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