Monday, January 7, 2013

Is it a quilt?

 My flannel hexagon top is finally a "quilt".

Maybe it's not a quilt? I used the same technique that I used in my Summer Blankie, combining flannel and voile, sans batting for a light weight, very soft and drapey blanket.

The two layers are held together with minimal quilting. I simply stitched 1/2" on either side of every seam. Quick and easy! Done in a day!

The voile is on the back this time and the "quilt" has a traditional, but machine-stitched binding. These blankets are so soft and very comfy for napping. {I know this from experience}

In other projects, I fell hard for Joel Dewberry's new line Notting Hill. I used the decorator weight for a new Multi-tasker Tote. {The first one given to my daughter}

And a sneak peek at the quilt I'm making using the Poppy Palette. It's making me smile!

. . . Cindy


  1. so pretty and soft! I wanna hold that quilt! (I say it's a quilt)
    You used my favorite of the Notting Hill fabrics in your back and quilt in the works...
    I have that Multi-tasker tote pattern and need to sew one up! :)

  2. The flannel-hexie-voile blankie is super cool, but the bag and sneak peak of the quilt top has me yearning for more. Spectacular!

  3. I think if it's quilted, it's a quilt! :) I love it and it looks so soft and snuggly. And I have fallen hard for the Notting Hill line too! Love that bag and I can't wait to see your quilt!

  4. Love the hexagon-flannel-voile blankie and yes it is a quilt! It is bright and colorful! Perfect for reading a great book, stitching or catching a nap. Love the bag and its bright colors. The teal and red is perfect match. Looking forward to the end product. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  5. Yes, definitely a quilt. It's quilted so I agree with Becky, it's a quilt. I can just imagine what it feels like too! I have one print of Notting Hill voile that I am dying to make into a scarf... someday soon. Then when I win the lottery I will make a voile quilt. :)

  6. wow - those hexies are terrific - good for you!

  7. I love this blanket/quilt! I just bought this pattern and want to make it but am dreading cutting out all the hexagons and triangles. Did you wash the flannel first? I've heard from several people that if you don't prewash flannel, it will shrink a lot and then tear after it dries if you mix it with other fabrics because the other fabrics don't shrink as much.


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